Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just some thoughts

I have not posted in a long time. Our digital camera broke shortly after it fell to the ground while it was in the care of Sadie. Why I let her hold it is beyond me. Anyway, we have not replaced it yet and so I haven't taken any pictures in awhile. I kept thinking that I should get on here and write something,but without pics....well it's just not the same.
The other reason that I haven't posted is because I have this little boy (Adam)who has learned to crawl. Not only does this pose a problem because he gets into everything, but he also has learned to follow me around and give this devastating cry if I do not immediately pick him up. If I don't, then he cries and climbs up my legs. It's difficult to even shower these days. That usually consists with a mad dash to the bathroom, stripping as I go, 5 minutes later I emerge, breathless and listening to the cries of "mama dada!!!" coming from my bedroom. I wanted him to learn to crawl and get around on his own and now I just wish for him to lay in his bouncy like he used to. Just long enough to let me get ready for the day. The worst thing is that he usually only takes one nap a day lasting around 1/2 hour if I am lucky. I am not complaining, just making excuses. :)

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Valarie said...

Ohhh, yes. Mobile babies...aren't they fun??? Do you read my blog? Laney got into our cabinet and ate some scrubbing bubbles not long ago. It's amazing what they can get into in a hot second once they become mobile. Why do we ever encourage them to move around?!? I jsut have baby gates all over the place in our house. That way I can block them in here or there or wherever. Too bad Laney is a climber and is going to be able to scale them by the time she is 18 months.