Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just venting

Ok, so I feel as if I am going crazy today. I am locked in my room trying to "keep" the baby asleep as Eli and Sadie fight and bang on my door. I want to scream at them, but I keep taking deep breaths and praying that Adam will stay asleep long enough for me to pee.
I have a primary activity that I am in charge of on Friday. There are 188 kids in my primary for which I made "I am Special" books! Can you believe it? I made books for every child and every book has a page which says something special about each child. I called every family in our ward with Primary aged kids and and asked them something special about each child. Do you think that I overdo it???? Gosh I don't know.
I also have soccer and a meeting tonight, a baptism to attend on Saturday, Sharing Time on Sunday and an orientation that I am in charge of on Sunday afternoon for 3 new nursery classes. I have to call all those teachers and make sure that they will be able to come to the meeting. OVERWHELMING! I am tired and worn out and I need a break. Thank goodness for Elder M. Russell Ballard's talk on Sunday. I recorded it and we watched it for Family night last night. Ammon woke up this morning and did the dishes and swept the floors! Wow what a kid.