Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just venting

Ok, so I feel as if I am going crazy today. I am locked in my room trying to "keep" the baby asleep as Eli and Sadie fight and bang on my door. I want to scream at them, but I keep taking deep breaths and praying that Adam will stay asleep long enough for me to pee.
I have a primary activity that I am in charge of on Friday. There are 188 kids in my primary for which I made "I am Special" books! Can you believe it? I made books for every child and every book has a page which says something special about each child. I called every family in our ward with Primary aged kids and and asked them something special about each child. Do you think that I overdo it???? Gosh I don't know.
I also have soccer and a meeting tonight, a baptism to attend on Saturday, Sharing Time on Sunday and an orientation that I am in charge of on Sunday afternoon for 3 new nursery classes. I have to call all those teachers and make sure that they will be able to come to the meeting. OVERWHELMING! I am tired and worn out and I need a break. Thank goodness for Elder M. Russell Ballard's talk on Sunday. I recorded it and we watched it for Family night last night. Ammon woke up this morning and did the dishes and swept the floors! Wow what a kid.


Valarie said...

Ha! Your little "I Am Special" books sound like something I would take on. I was always going the extra mile when I was in the Primary. Now that I am in YW, the YW President never asks me to do anything, so I don't. :)
You are a better woman than I. I think I am JUST getting to the point where I am going to be willing to run my kids around to practices. They don't do any extra curricular anything (Mikaily's therapy is enough running for me) We are thinking about putting Kyle in a karate class........I am worried that may backfire on us....and Evan in soccer. We'll see. Ok, so I just wrote you a book.....sorry.

Jessica said...

Go Ammon! What a great helper for your mom!
Hey Sarah, I know we are kind of far but let us take any or all of your kids over night so you can get a break. The kids would have a fun time too.

buddens said...

Holy cow, that's busy! Don't you have counselors to help you with that stuff???? Sheesh! This is Melanie Tooke, btw. Found you from your Facebook acct. Keep up the good work! I've been in a Primary Presidency before and it's rough work.